Why is there mental illness?

Reference[[20220107 My current understanding of treatment rationale and theories]][[What’s our conceptual framework]]Lecture note: working with clients with mental health issues(GDIP counselling notes on working with people with mental health issues) What are the assumptions, theories, beliefs, discourses about mental illness? Medical Model The medical model/approach emphasises on the biological/ genetic factors But not to adopt…More

Book Note – Remote, Inc. How to thrive at work…Wherever You Are

Read Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work . . . Wherever You Are Notes 15 Jan 2022 Chapter 1 The Business of One Think like you are your own boss. Business of One. Think what are your business objectives, who are your clients. Define measurable objectives as performance tracker The more control you have,…More

The Meandering Undead

Originally posted on hobbitsma:
What Now:- The Undead Phase? We are now in uncharted territory. We have gone where no human, hobbit, Klingon has gone before. This hobbit is not even sure what phase we are in anymore. There were terms like Dorscon Orange, circuit breaker, phase 2 and 3, heightened alert, preparatory phase, transition…

Update on what I have been doing

29 Aug 2021 [Book] Motivational Interviewing. Helping people change by William R Miller, Stephen Rollnick Link I was reminded that it is not me who has the power to change anyone. It is the people themselves who have the resource and ability to change if they want to. This book reminded me of that perspective. …More

Who is Karl Popper?

I came across this person, so I became curious, who is Karl Popper? Notes from the video above. When we look at a theory, are we looking for evidence to disprove it? Or to approve it? Science seeks to disconfirm a theory while Pseudoscience seeks to confirm. It is easy to confirm a theory if you…More

Physical wellness

I am in this phase of improving my physical wellness. I noticed that I have a terrible posture. My neck is out, and my back is slouching; not only doesn’t look good, but I also tend to have headaches and shoulder pain.  To help myself heal physically, I have been doing the following: Physical fitness…More