The Meandering Undead

I resonated with the feeling. At times, I feel unsure how I should feel.. on one hand, there is a narrative that COVID is dangerous we must be careful… and then there is another narrative that we are highly vaccinated and we are safe. I am quite confused and tired.


What Now:- The Undead Phase?

We are now in uncharted territory. We have gone where no human, hobbit, Klingon has gone before.

This hobbit is not even sure what phase we are in anymore. There were terms like Dorscon Orange, circuit breaker, phase 2 and 3, heightened alert, preparatory phase, transition phase etc that were invented by wordsmiths. Apparently, we may be now in the “stabilisation” phase.

I would like to think we may be in the necromantic “undead” phase. We will trudge on. Till when? To where? Nobody really knows.

I remember I had this discussion with a war historian many years back about why Germany lost World War 2. Man for man, equipment-wise, the German army was equal if not better than any other army at the beginning of the war. By 1941, Germany had conquered almost all of Western Europe. Those that were unconquered were allies of…

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  1. Andrew says:

    It is not true that asymptomatic testing is inconsistent with transitioning to endemicity. The UK and Denmark both retain testing of asymptomatic contacts and isolation if positive. The UK requires or recommends regular screening of asymptomatic healthcare workers and students. Denmark recommends regular screening of students.

    While Singapore may have a high population vaccination coverage, its first dose coverage of those aged 70+ was 88% in early September, lower than the USA’s 92%. For full vaccination (two dose) coverage, the UK had 93% a month before opening up; Denmark, Ireland, Portugal and Spain had achieved 97-99% by early September. Lone Simonsen, on whether other countries should follow Denmark in opening up quite completely, commented to Kai Kupferschmidt, “If you have a lower coverage in the elderly, you should not try to do what Denmark is trying right now … We’re simply banking on this full coverage of the people at high risk.”


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